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Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate





      Earning Potential



        • 2 Free Websites
        • 24/7 Support
        • Detailed, Step-by-Step Training


        • Have To Still Be Self Sufficient
        • Harder To Make Money As A Free Member
        • Takes Time

        Join a Network Of Digital EntrepreneursProduct: Wealthy Affiliate

        Established: 2005

        Owners: Kyle & Carson

        Initial Investment: $0

        Rating: 7/10

        There are thousands of Wealthy Affiliate Reviews because there are more than 800,000 members. For that reason, if you think I am going to sit here and write 2000 words about what’s offered, you’ve got another thing coming.

        The fact of the matter is, I have worked in retail for over 15 years and quite frankly, I am not here to sell anything. This review is only going to tell you what you need to know in order to make a smart decision, not an informed one.

        If you want to read a massive post, all you have to do is Google Wealthy Affiliate Review and on the first page you can pick any post … enjoy reading 3,000 words instead of taking action. If, however, you do not have time to waste or you are not a procrastinator, your best bet (even more than reading the rest of this post) would be to jump right in as a free member. You’ll have your business up and running in less than an hour for free *like* no-credit-card-needed-free.


        Whatever you want to achieve online, WA can get you there. Wealthy Affiliate is a network of entrepreneurs. Which means, unlike Facebook, EVERYONE following you on the platform has the potential to become a business partner, someone you may collaborate with down the line, or a mentor and YOU have the potential to be the same for those who are following you.

        The goal of this platform is to provide digital entrepreneurs with the necessary training and support required to become the owner of a successful online business.
        Every member of WA is in some stage of growing an online business. There are people who are completely new to the industry and then there are people who have been members for over 7 years. At any given time you could be chatting with someone who makes a full time income online or with someone who has never had an online business.
        Wealthy Affiliates are trained to build niches sites from the ground up.


        As a free member, you get 2 free websites. The 2 websites are powered by WordPress. WordPress is the industry standard content management system. As a free member, your website is hosted on SiteRubix and is able to be monetized, which is different from hosting a WordPress.com site which you cannot monetize. (Oh, not only can you not monetize a blog hosted by WordPress.com, if you violate any terms and conditions they will take your site down and you will lose all of your work, which actually happened to me when I did not know what I was doing. You’re two websites are fully functional and just like if it was a self-hosted website of your own, you have full control over what you can do. I have not came across a limitation, yet.

        Now that you have 2 websites, what are you going to do with them?

        Wealthy Affiliate offers 2 levels of training:

        • Affiliate Bootcamp
        Affiliate Bootcamp at WA
        Affiliate Bootcamp training for free members.
        • Online Entrepreneurship Certification
        Online Entrepreneur Certification at WA
        Training Available for free members of Wealthy Affiliate.

        Not only is the training thorough, it walks you through. Literally, all you have to do is exactly what you saw done. What more can I say? What you see, you do and you will have what you saw.
        By the time you are done with the training offered to free members, your online business and it’s framework will be totally complete and set up properly to get ranked in Google which is the goal.

        At this point, you would think there would be nothing else they could offer, but the level of support is out of this world. As a free member, at least for the first 6 days, you have access to both Kyle and Carson who are on the site every single day helping their members. After your first 6 days, we (the rest of the community) step in and support you the rest of the way. This support is 24/7. There is a live chat that operates like a ticker on the side of your page. It’s always moving. A lot of members talk about how distracting live chat is. Instead of doing work, sometimes they find themselves just hanging with other members chatting and building their network inside of the network.


        The features are exciting:

        • 2 Free websites that are fully functional and can be monetized.
        • Training that will teach you what to do with and how to use your sites.
        • Round the clock support from people who literally have the same goals as you.

        But … how will these features benefit you?

        First of all … let’s just talk about belonging to a community of entrepreneurs.

        Reminds me of articles I’ve read that talk about the behaviors wealthy people have – it’s always mentioned that you must surround yourself with like minded individuals. Keeping yourself in good company is an essential behavior of successful people and Wealthy Affiliate responds to that by making us a family. The more you help, the higher your rank becomes on the platform. For that reason, everyone is always fighting to be the one with the solution first.

        The first layer of training, the free training, is pretty much an overview of how you make money online building online businesses. It starts to unpack SEO, how to pick a niche, and necessary research you will have to do before you start creating content. Their training really amazes me and pisses me off at the same time because I have paid for training before that wasn’t half as thorough as what they are giving away for free. In other words, if I had’ve gotten to WA before anything else, I could have saved myself over 10,000 hours and a whole lot of money.

        Another thing successful people have and constantly seek out is support. The WA platform understands that learning how to make money online is not as cut and dry as some advertisements make you feel. They also understand the dangers of not telling people that there is no way to get rich quick. In order to offset the fact that you may be building your online business for a considerable amount of time, the fact there is loads of support onheand is something that will ensure you hang in there when the going gets tough. A lot of people quit their blog or their online business when they run into a challenge they cannot overcome. Imagine if getting the answer was as simple as asking 800,000 people who are dying to answer any question you have about your online business.


        Because I swear by Wealthy Affiliate, I am going to keep it funky:

        There are no cons, however, not everything is perfect, right?  So, I dug down deep to figure out what could be considered a downside to Wealthy Affiliate and still I found nothing I am willing to put in writing because it simply is not real.  For example, some reviews will say there is a learning curve.

        Personally, I think that is a lie.  How can there be a learning curve when you don’t have to learn anything?  Each training module is set up as a check list.  When you click on a module, on the right a box opens up and there can be any where from 2-5 actions that you need to check off.  The body of the page has the actions you need to take written out.  So I am really confused when there is a learning curve and I am led to believe that it is not a learning curve but it is the person who is having a “learning curve” is actually not being honest with their own self or members of the platform.

        Another downside I’ve came across is a lot of people believe that you cannot make money as a free member of Wealthy Affiliate with just the first layer of training.  To that I say, someone is being grossly pretentious.  Until you can show me someone who did not invent anything making money for free this is not a downside, especially if the opportunity actually exists.  Free members can make money off referrals.  Not as much as a paid member, but if as a free member you refer someone to Wealthy Affiliate and they become a premium member, you will receive commissions … you will.

        However, the free training is only an overview and it is a really good overview.  If you did not want the extra levels of training then it will be harder for you to monetize your site.  As a free member, you are missing out on close to 20 other modules that take you deeper into building out your business.  YOU STILL NEED THAT TRAINING.  If you decide that Premium is not for you, all you have to do is use Google to teach you what you do not want to pay for.  And good luck with that because I taught myself for 5 years and still missed a whole chunk of pertinent information that would have helped me find success a lot sooner.

        Whenever you see a con or something negative about Wealthy Affiliate, you have to ask yourself who could the person be.  While everyone can make money online, not everyone is fully equipped.  You have to be able to be your own boss, you have to be able to take responsibility and action at the same time, you have to be prepared to spend money to make money, you have to be dedicated, able to make a commitment to yourself and you have to be ambitious.  If you do not have these things, you are not going to succeed as a self-employed person.

        Yay Or Nay

        While learning how to make money online is one of the best financial decisions you could ever make, it is also one of the hardest.  It genuinely is not an easy job.

        Wealthy Affiliate is really sweet.  There are two proven ways to make money, you are supported the whole way through, and the community is full of some of the most genuine people I have ever met.

        I would never tell you to join and become a premium member, because even though my commissions are neatly tucked inside of your upgrade to Premium, I would rather you make that decision on your own.

        There is so much value in the free membership, I could care less if you stayed a free member forever.  Let’s not forget why I am here or why I built this site.  It’s not to get people to spend money, it’s to help people learn how to make money online because financial freedom is not exclusive.

        Wealthy Affiliate is a great start and it is free to join, especially if you have no direction or feel as though you will never have a shot at being rich.

        If you have any questions, please do not hesitate – leave them in the comment box below and I will get back to you because I am thirsty like that.

        All the best to you and our future success!!!



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